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Release Notes - December 2022

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Release notes - Shopdesk - December 2022

New Features

  • Cash Management Module:
    (Cash management module is our newest feature, this module allows you to dynamically control your complete cash inflows and outflows. It allows you to add cash / remove cash from your locations register. It also shows you the total Cash balance available in your Register.

  • Add Note on a product Level:
    (Shopdesk already had the ability to add an invoice note, however to add additional clarity, we now have the new feature to add a note on a product level, This can help in many retail applications such as custom made Clothes and etc, where you may have to add instructions about the product being sold.

  • FBR Resync button:
    (Unfortunately due to FBRs third party integration, there are possible situations where sometimes, Their servers are down, and in those rare cases, if you execute a sale, there is a likely chance, that the sale wont generate an FBR invoice id & not show up on the FBR portal, Shopdesk is the ONLY pos system in Pakistan that caters to this issue by adding a re call or re sync button with the invoices to retry generating an FBR invoice id for Online & Offline Sales.

  • Compensatory product sale:
    Shopdesk now has the ability to sell products with Zero Sale price or Compensatory products.

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