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Release Notes - November 2022

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Release notes - Shopdesk - November 2022

Features & Fixes

Add custom attributes at brand level

(We have the ability now to add custom attributes on an entire brand level, instead of just the locations)

Create api to fetch custom attributes and custom inputs

(This was a back end task, where we had to create an API, to fetch the custom attributes & Inputs mentioned on point 1 above)

Create api to fetch company users and their brands and brand stores

(This was a back end task, where we had to create an api, to fetch all the company users and brands etc to be fetched for reporting purposes)

As a User, i would like to see some more Reporting enhancements with new features

(We added many new reporting features, such as new columns, added the ability to put in custom attributes, drop downs, users, employees and so on)

On switching brands on Shopdesk there is an error.
(We faced an error on shopdesk during changing brands and its sub sequent locations, this issue has been promptly resolved)

Customer Layby feature is not working correctly in case of Parked Sales.
(A bug was reported in case of the customer Layby feature when a sale is parked and re initiated at a later time, this issue is not fixed)


In Sales report "net_sales" of return are in +ve, showing inaccurate figures.
(In our sales summary report, a bug was discovered where in very unique return cases the net sales are in positive numbers despite returns being conducted, this issue was promptly resolved)

In Sales summary report, "Gross Sales" showing inaccurate figures.
(Gross sales under sales summary report was showing mis calculated values due to Tax inclusive / Tax exclusive prices being saved, This formula and logic was updated to fix this issue asap)


Discount price product wise to remain same even after discount is applied On individual product

Correct the scenarios for products having tax inclusive prices


Add offline and online fields in product bulk discount upload page

Fix employee view api

(Employee will show only on store which is assigned to him)

Add an option to add multiple fields and dropdown against an attribute set

Show attribute sets by current brand

Create invoice note field as Text Area

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