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Release Notes - October 2022

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Release notes - Shopdesk - October 2022

Features & Fixes

As a user of shop desk, I want to add a few fields while adding a product. These fields are also going to be searchable, and added to filters alike.

(We added some exciting new features to Shopdesk where we are able to add custom attributes and apply them to our filters to fetch custom reports)

Add custom fields and dropdown in product view api

(We now have the ability to add custom dropdowns and input fields, to whilst adding products, By bulk & Individually)

save tax exclusive price in shopdesk while bulk upload of products

(We can now also save the tax exclusive selling price of products on shopdesk)

Make Software base option as default FBR config option

We have the FBR configuration setting available in our settings under outlet)

Fbr to run through utility on Local at SD

(Shopdesk now has 2 configurations of FBR integration, Cloud based as well as utility based where we can run shopdesk via FBR application installed on the local drive of your PC)

Bulk processing of orders is not working
(We faced a bug where Bulk processing of orders was being effected, it was a small error and was fixed immediately)

Store level filter in Employee attendance report non responsive
(We faced an issue where Store level filter while pulling Employee attendance report was not returning results)



In Category wise report margin column value is incorrect in case of multiple quantity,
(A visible rare use case was detected where report margin column in category wise report was giving incorrect values, when u select multiple quantities of products or multiple categories of products and pull the report with a given filter)



Product specification report was showing some duplicates.
(On our product specification report we noticed a few of the values duplicated, this was a simple data error which was promptly resolved)


On switching brands on Shopdesk there was an error
(When we switched brands on shopdesk in our newly deployes XAP portal, we were facing an error, it simply required us to log out, refresh screen and log back in with the New account IDs addition)



Add configuration feature for online prices sync
(Shopdesk now has the ability to enable or disable price sync between OE & SD)

Update stock on OE on each each stock adjustment and provide replace stock option
(Shopdesk now will update stock between OE & SD with ever transaction based action, i.e Stock adjustment, STR, Audit, Sale & return)


create an end point on order service to update prices on OE
(SD now has an update where we can manage Online / Offline pricing on Shopdesk by bulk or otherwise).

Create an API to return eCommerce invoice
(We now have the ability to return E commerce orders from SD)


Sync SD inventory on OE on SD bulk stock update

Data duplication in inventory dump report.(Sellable Quantity)
We faced an issue where our inventory dump report was showing some duplication of Data,
This problem was fixed right away.

Current date data on reports was not available in inventory dump
A new feature was added to the inventory dump reports filter, to Pull the current dates report as Default.


Add ecommerce pos store filter configuration brands wise
A new requirement came forth where Ecommerce orders and the connection between SD and OE needed configurations

Create an API to return eCommerce invoice
We now have the ability to return E commerce invoices from Shopdesk. Inventory will be adjusted on Shopdesk and Our OMS system.


Sync SD inventory on OE on SD bulk stock update
SD and OE now have a single screen solution, where any update of stock will also reflect on OE.

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