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Release Notes - August 2022

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Release notes - Shopdesk - August 2022

Features, Tasks & Bugs

Receipt template invoices kept on getting reset

Templates can now be set Flawlessly without any issues, You may upload your custom Logo, header & footer to the template and assign to your desired outlet location.

Re print invoice is now fully functional

You may now view and re print, an already punched invoice in the system.

Order searching in Sales history / E commerce tab is not functioning Properly

Order search capability is now fully operational, You now have the ability to search orders, dated as far back as the first order.

Total amount is shown in wrong decimal figures in e commerce orders.

All calculations are now showing accurate results, you have to ability to view your totals, upto 3 decimal places.

Currently in e commerce tab, all orders are showing in pickup, future etc. this is a bug

Relevant orders as per relevant, status or mode of delivery can now be viewed on Shopdesk

Barcode Scanning Issue while online invoicing

We now have the ability to scan Multiple barcodes, with our smart barcode reading solution. It can differentiate between SKU, Weight & unused figures on the Barcode.

Add footer signature inside pdf invoice

* new Api created for sending invoices to customers by email. (PDF will also be attached to the email)

*Barcode Scanning Issue while online invoicing

*Add More Columns in sale history CSV download

*Total sum of all sales ever conducted at a location tile on dashboard

*Show Product Name is E commerce Module Product View

Add More fields in E commerce Order print

Change status of invoices for MB, so that they may be synced with SAP.

(Client specific requirement fulfilled to change the status of some of the transacted invoices, so they may be able to sync with their SAP system) env to pick up current prices of products that are updated

(Client specific tasks where the prevailing price of products set, will be the prices invoices are completed on).

Barcode Scanning enhancement

(Online order creation directly from the register now has smart barcode scanning feature).

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