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Release Notes - June 2022

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Release notes - ShopDesk June 2022


As a Store Manager, id like to see an Audit Module to match On-hand Inventory and POS system inventory, this will help us do an inventory analysis. SHARE WITH THE CLIENTS

The ShopDesk user can use the Audit Module now. The audit module enables the user to check inventory either via counting or scanning manually. This module will generate a report after all SKUs that have inventory inputted manually or Through scanning that will help the user to match the inventory on hand vs the inventory our POS is reflecting.

How to audit the current stock:

How to use Audit Stock Module

:story-: As a user, I want to Continue a parked sale from the Register sell screen itself, So that I can create an invoice for it directly through the register SHARE WITH THE CLIENTS

Now the ShopDesk user will be able to select the parked sales from the register screen to create the order again. The user will click on the “Previously Parked sales” button on the register screen and select a parked sale for the current date or by using the date range filter.


:story-: As a developer, I want to implement frontend for date range filter in the Inventory dump, so that we can fetch the inventory accordingly SHARE WITH THE CLIENTS

ShopDesk is now introducing the feature of the date range filter in the Inventory Dump Report. A user can get the inventory dump report according to the given date range and by brand/store level as well.




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