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Release Notes - January 2022

New Features

FBR integration with ShopDesk

ShopDesk is now integrated with FBR. By using the Regulatory configuration there will be generated

FBR invoice code against each invoice.

As a user, I want Product Unit Settings, so that I can manage the product's measurements and pricing.

ShopDesk now has the functionality to manage the product's measurements and pricing. User can be able to sell products by units also by using the product configuration.

Add online register option in ShopDesk

User can be able to punch a sale against both online/offline SKUs through register by using the toggle.

Implement Google Translate API in the invoice section.

ShopDesk Now has the functionality to translate invoices into different languages.

Pickup delivery, Express delivery, and Future delivery tabs will be added in the E-commerce tab.

ShopDesk now has the feature to get online orders according to the order type.

Date of Delivery-Timeslot Filter on Ecommerce orders along with type(Express, pickup, future)

Salesman(user) and Time Stamp columns should be added to the sale summary.

Add filters for offline and online orders in sale summary

Filter on sales summary report for MOP and Salesperson should be available

As a user, I want Reporting module, so that I can get reports as needed.

A user can get different reports like Category wise, order-wise, sales platform, customer details,

customer-wise, item wise and wastage-wise report.

As a user, I want SAP to be integrated with ShopDesk, so that the product catalog, inventory, and pricing can be managed.

we have successfully integrated SD with SAP to get the inventory directly from SAP.

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