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Release Notes - October 2023

Release notes - Shopdesk - October 2023

Hi Everyone,

Here with another roundup of small-but-mighty updates to Shopdesk POS! We know that sometimes, it’s the tiniest steps in your daily workflow that feel like the biggest difference in a smoothly run day. That’s why our engineering team is working behind the scenes to resolve most common bugs, and instate popular requests that surprise-and-delight or simply help you get your work done easier – one ticket at a time.

Please find below our updates for October 2023:


  1. [New Feature ] Invoice API to integrate with Advanced BI Providers and display different analytics:

    a) Advanced BI Providers Integration: With this update, the Invoice API now seamlessly integrates with leading Advanced Business Intelligence (BI) Providers. This integration enables you to effortlessly connect your invoicing data with powerful analytics tools, unlocking a wealth of business intelligence capabilities.

     b) Diverse Analytics Display: Experience the freedom to display various analytics within your invoicing system. Whether you need detailed revenue reports, customer behavior insights, or expense trends, the Invoice API allows you to showcase a wide range of analytics metrics, tailored to your specific business needs.

     c) Real-time Data Synchronisation: Enjoy real-time data synchronization between your invoicing system and the chosen BI Provider. This ensures that your analytics are always up-to-date, providing you with accurate insights into your financial data at any given moment.

     d) Customisable Dashboards: Create personalized dashboards within your BI Provider’s interface. Tailor these dashboards to display the exact figures and KPIs that matter most to your business. Whether you prefer graphical representations, charts, or tables, the customization options are endless.

     e) Enhanced Decision-Making: Armed with comprehensive analytics, you can make data-driven decisions with confidence. Identify trends, forecast future performance, and strategize effectively, all backed by the power of real-time financial data.


    Screenshot 1.1: Shows us Shopdesk's internal BI Analytical Dashboard.

    Learn More

  2. [New Feature ] Search Filters to find Orders across all locations in the brand:

    We're excited to announce a new feature based on your feedback!

    Now, returning e-commerce orders is easier than ever. You can officially process returns at any outlet within our brand. Simply search for the order at any outlet and execute the return hassle-free.

    Thank you for your input – happy returning! 🎉

    Please check out screenshot 2.1 below:

    Screenshot 2.1: The sales history page where orders can be searched using multiple different filters.

  1. [New Feature ] Brand new Enhanced Return/Exchange Flow:

We're excited to introduce our latest update – a revamped and more powerful return/exchange flow!

Key Features:

a) Streamlined Process: Our new flow ensures a smoother and quicker experience for returning or exchanging items, reducing hassle and wait times.

b) Intuitive Interface: Enjoy an intuitive user interface designed for effortless navigation, making the return or exchange process user-friendly and straightforward.

c) Enhanced Flexibility: Greater flexibility in handling returns and exchanges, accommodating various scenarios and customer preferences with ease.

Upgrade your shopping experience with our enhanced return/exchange flow. We're committed to making your interactions with our brand as convenient and satisfying as possible.

Please see Screenshots 3.1 - 3.3 below:

Screenshot 3.1: A scenario where 1 product is retained, 1 product is new & 1 product is returned.

Screenshot 3.2: A simple return scenario.

Screenshot 3.3: A Simple exchange scenario.

Learn More

  1. [Feature Enhancement ⬆️ ] Last but not lease, Shopdesk Purchase Order Upgrade:

    We're excited to announce a significant upgrade to Shopdesk's Purchase Order flow, enhancing your experience and efficiency.

    Key Enhancements:

    1. Scan to Create: Creating purchase orders is now a breeze! Utilize the scan-to-product feature, allowing you to swiftly generate purchase orders by scanning products. Say goodbye to manual data entry hassles!

    2. Streamlined Approvals: Skip the wait! With our latest update, you no longer need administrator approval for purchase orders. Enjoy a seamless and expedited procurement process, saving you valuable time and ensuring swift order processing.

    Shopdesk is committed to simplifying your operations. Experience the convenience of our upgraded Purchase Order flow today!

    Screenshot 4.1: Brand settings to enable auto approval.

    Screenshot 4.2: Administrator module where the Purchase order lands but already approved.

Milestones - Checklists

  • Invoice email to be sent to customer in PDF format

  • Zatca enhancements

  • More Omni-channel abilities

  • PWA offline App

🤩 Message to Shopdesk Users 🤩:

Our goal is to make your workday smoother and more efficient. With these enhancements, we've focused on refining your experience, ensuring that your tasks are easier and more streamlined within Shopdesk.

Thank you for choosing Shopdesk for your business needs. Here's to a more seamless and productive workday for you and your team! 🚀

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