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Release Notes - November 2023

Release notes - Shopdesk - November 2023

Hi Everyone,

Here with another roundup of small-but-mighty updates to Shopdesk POS! We know that sometimes, it’s the tiniest steps in your daily workflow that feel like the biggest difference in a smoothly run day. That’s why our engineering team is working behind the scenes to resolve most common bugs, and instate popular requests that surprise-and-delight or simply help you get your work done easier – one ticket at a time.

Please find below our updates for November 2023:

  1. [New Feature ] Enhanced Stock Adjustment flow from a single screen:

    Shopdesk now has the ability to edit and make stock adjustments against a product for all the locations at once.

    * Now you can seamlessly edit and make stock adjustments for a product across all your locations at once in Shopdesk.

    * This will help Streamline your inventory management by updating quantities effortlessly across your entire store network.

    Please see screenshot 1.1 below for more info:

Screenshot 1.1


  1. [New Feature ] Auto invoicing of E-Commerce orders:

    Any order than lands on Shopdesk from our OMS system under the status of “Approved” will not automatically be invoiced on Shopdesk. Which entails the following:

    * You save a-lot of time and dont have to repeat your actions twice on OE & then again on SD.

    * Inventory will automatically be deducted on Shopdesk.

    * We can also generate receipts for these E-Commerce orders directly from Sales history.

    Screenshot 2.1

  1. [New Feature ] New Stock Replenishment report:

  • Introducing the brand new Stock Replenishment Report in Shopdesk!

  • Gain insights into product stock levels and receive recommendations for efficient inventory replenishment.

  • Optimize stock management and ensure products are always available when needed.

    Please see screenshot 3.1 below:

    Screenshot 3.1

  1. [New Feature ] Orders marked dead on Shopify & OE will now be marked dead on SD as well:

    To increase operational clarity & enhance our experience and reliability, we now have the feature to ensure all orders marked dead on Shopify and our very own OMS system, will not automatically also be marked dead on Shopdesk!

    Please see screenshot 4.1 below:

    Screenshot 4.1

  2. [Feature Enhancement ⬆️ ] Customer details report more powerful and data packed than ever:

    New Columns are added in the customer details report to let us know how much 💰 a customer has spent and where.

    Please see screenshot 5.1 for reference below:

    Screenshot 5.1

  3. [Feature Enhancement ⬆️ ] Stock update flows made smoother between OMS and POS:

    In our ever growing search for maximum stability in our Omni channel flows, here is one a-lot of our users were eagerly waiting for:

    * We can now track and trace every stock adjustment, P.O. or STR on shopdesk, with a timestamp & OE job reference id directly showing on shopdesk.

    * To avoid any disruptions or delays in inventory updates, we can now make inventory changes to an unlimited number of SKUs at a time.

    Please see screenshot 6.1 below:

    Screenshot 6.1

Milestones - Checklists

  • Invoice email to be sent to customer in PDF format.

  • Zatca enhancements.

  • More Omni-channel abilities.

  • PWA offline App.

🤩 Message to Shopdesk Users 🤩:

Our goal is to make your workday smoother and more efficient. With these enhancements, we are focused on refining your experience, ensuring that your tasks are easier and more streamlined within Shopdesk.

Thank you for choosing Shopdesk for your business needs. Here's to a more seamless and productive workday for you and your team! 🚀

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