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Release Notes - May 2023

Release notes - Shopdesk - May 2023

The Month of May 2023, was very productive for Shopdesk. We released some exciting new features for our clients to use and make their operations Super Easy going forward. You will find below the description of what went live and their sample Screen shots for clarity.

1. Leave Scanning option on in E-Commerce SKU scanning -

On Our E-Commerce Module, the Ability to scan products has a Toggle button, We got some complaints from our clients that this is an extra step and should be On by default.
So now every time we go to the E-Commerce modules to scan products before invoicing the Toggle button will stay ON by default. As shown in the Screen shot 1.1 Below.


2. All SKUs, should be scanned on e commerce order before letting it complete -

In the Same Pop up above for E-Commerce Product scanning, The order will be not be completed unless we scan ALL the items that are a part of the order. Please see Screenshot 2.1 Below.


3. Search by customer name & Phone number in Sales History -

In the Sales history module under register, we can now search for a customer using their Phone number & their name as well. Please see screen shot 3.1 below.


4. Invoice Reprint date to reflect the date / time from when it was originally invoiced -

Previously on SD everything we look a re print of any invoice from Sales History, the time it used to reflect was, the time or the re print rather than the original date & time, an order was invoiced. This was causing confusion for our clients so we decided to change this feature promptly.

You Ask. We Deliver. Please see screenshot 4.1 below.


5. Online E-commerce to have its own template for invoice -

We can now have a custom receipt template for all your online transactions. This feature can be setup from receipt setup under configurations. Please see screenshot 5.1 below.


6. Scanning items individually on SD E commerce instead of compiling them together -

We now have the ability to scan individual product entries on the E-Commerce scanning page, This requirement will specifically help in calculating wastages and invoicing. Please see screenshot 6.1 Below.


7. Shopify discounts and shipping to be implemented on Shopdesk -

Discounts & Shipping prices coming all the way from Shopify or other online channels are now implemented on an invoice level on Shopdesk. On the Invoices, Reports and so on.
Please see screenshot 7.1 below.


8. Ability to Edit MOP with Split Combinations for an online order after it has landed on Shopdesk -

Shopdesk can now edit MOP of an E-commerce order before it is processed and completed.
Along with this we have also added the ability to Split the MOP with different combinations. Please see screenshot 8.1 below.


9. Order location updated on OE will also update on Shopdesk automatically -

Any time an E-commerce order on OE has its location manually edited, the same order will now be assigned automatically on Shopdesk to its new location, provided this location is created on Shopdesk and the inventory exists.

10. Centralised stock transfer. At each transfer a unique transfer number should be generated -

Shopdesk Admin role users can now generate an STR directly from their current location without changing stores or switching screens. All we have to do is select the origin outlet & destination outlet whilst generating a new Stock Transfer Request in between onboarded location. Please see screenshot 10.1 below.


11. Barcodes enhancements on Shopdesk -

a) Shopdesk now has its very own State of the art barcode template builder, We can add any text and fields we find appropriate to go on our barcodes along with selecting the Label Size. (Screenshot 11.1).


b) Shopdesk can now produce barcodes in bulk to be printed with ease using a CSV file upload
(Screenshot 11.2).


c) We are now enabled to produce product barcodes with 3 columns on a single roll of label paper rather than printing each barcode individually. (Screenshot 11.3).

d) Shopdesk, also now has the capability to produce specific small Barcodes / Tags for small items such as rings and other kinds of Jewellery. (Screenshot 11.3).


12. New Invoice font and design -

Shopdesk has a brand new, clearer and more descriptive font on the invoices that are generated.
Please see screenshot 12.1 below.


13. Allowing inventory to go into negative -

Shopdesk has a brand new feature which is configuration based that allows us to choose if we want to let the inventory of any SKU go to 0 and below to negative and still be able to generate invoices accordingly.
Please see screenshot 13.1 below.


Milestones - Checklists

  • New Register UI.

  • Auto Scan in STRs

  • Invoice email to be sent to customer in PDF format.

  • Revamped Advance feature.

  • Category locking Ability.

  • Product / Invoice level Discounts configurations.

  • Discount Ceiling Setup.

  • More Dynamic New Dashboard Enhancements.

Note: This is the tentative due date for the above-mentioned Features, a minor delay can be faced, but these/this are/is the only feature/features that can be expected to go Live in the coming week.

Please stay tuned for some really exciting new features coming soon next month!!!

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