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Release Notes - March 2023

  1. Cash Management Module Enhancement:

    Our Cash Management Module had some further enhancements and released that we have implemented:

    a) We can now View the Note on the UI of our cash management module entries in Paragraph form, this also entails that the character limit restricting the note to 30 characters is no longer there.
    Please see Screen shot 1a below for reference.

    Screenshot 1a

b) We can now see multiple different tiles on the cash management module to see the totals of where the cash was originally collected from, i.e Customer Balances, Cash sale and so on.
As demonstrated in screenshot 1b below.

Screenshot 1b

c) In Our Cash management module the editable option for the entries has now been removed as it was a risk to cause pilferage.

2. Bulk processing of offline / online orders:

Shopdesk finally now has the ability to run its Bulk Processing operations Via our CSV template file (Available on Shopdesk).

a) We can now invoice orders with FBR facilitation in one go for as many orders as you’d like, This will greatly save a lot of time for the users, when they had to process these orders one by one.
Please see screenshot 2a below for reference.

Screenshot 2a

b) Shopdesk's E-commerce module can now also process returns of online / offline orders in Bulk via our CSV template file, for as many orders as the user may like. This processing also has the ability to return the invoices had they been punched with FBR integration.

After the processing each order will now have a unique new FBR invoice id attache to it.
Please see screenshot 2b below for further clarity.

Screenshot 2b

3. Pre-Invoice Order slip print out:

Shopdesk now has the ability to print out an order slip before actually invoicing an e-commerce order.
Some of our users advised that, they need the ability to prepare an order before going ahead with the final invoicing.

This will greatly help our users, to ensure Inventory is available in store before invoicing, and as a result avoiding any mishap in their streamlined processes.

Please see screenshot 3a below.

Screenshot 3a

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