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Release Notes - January 2023

  1. Product Level note

    We can now add a note to every line item, in our register cart

2. Sales summary report to be fetched on the basis of INVOICE date and not order date, on both Offline and online channel.

We can now fetch the sales summary report, as per the date an order was invoiced on Shopdesk rather than its original order date.

3. Tip / Extra discount functionality to be available on ALL MOPs.

We have now enabled Tip / Extra discount functionality on all existing MOPs on shopdesk, including the custom MOPs added by client via setup.
This feature is only available if configured via Brand level Settings.

4. Shop desk receipt to show total with tip added

Shopdesk Invoice generated also now shows, the TIP added to invoice.

5. Template File Download for Products Bulk Upload

To Make things easier, while uploading products by Bulk, we have added a downloadable template and a guide so Clients can follow instructions and onboard.

6. FBR Re - call button for sales without FBR invoice id

FBR re sync button added to Shopdesk for all invoices that have not been synced with FBR.

7. Columns of ecommerce module to show shipping method in a column and order status in tabs

8. Add configuration at brand level for compensatory product

9. We have changed the “TIP” Label to Adjustment on invoices generated

10. Fixed SD loader

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