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Release Notes - December 2023

Release notes - Shopdesk - December 2023

Hi Everyone,

Here with another roundup of small-but-mighty updates to Shopdesk POS! We know that sometimes, it’s the tiniest steps in your daily workflow that feel like the biggest difference in a smoothly run day. That’s why our engineering team is working behind the scenes to resolve most common bugs, and instate popular requests that surprise-and-delight or simply help you get your work done easier – one ticket at a time.

Please find below our updates for December 2023:

  1. [New Feature ] Cancelled orders on OMS are now auto cancelled on POS:

    Shopdesk now has the ability to auto cancel & block orders from being invoiced that have been cancelled on our OMS system.

    * This feature will help ensure there is no discrepancy in the E-commerce orders.

    Please see screenshot 1.1 below for more info:

    Screenshot 1.1


  1. [New Feature ] Negative qty invoicing:

    Al tough a bit unorthodox, you asked & we delivered, Shopdesk can now punch invoices with (Negative) inventory via configuration:

    * This is a bit un orthodox form of Returning a product or creating an exchange.

    * These sales are automatically Synced to FBR (If enabled).

    Screenshot 2.1 below gives us a brief outlook of the above feature:

    Screenshot 2.1

  1. [New Feature ] Damaged stock not to be returned to inventory:

Introducing a unique solution to a unique problem, Many times a product is returned by a customer, that is not in a good condition or is faulty, such products need to returnable by the retailer, but at the same time since its not a re sellable commodity, its inventory should not be added back to Shopdesk.

* This will ensure no damaged goods are added back to inventory, hence making sure they are not sellable again.

Please see screenshot 3.1 below:

Screenshot 3.1

Milestones - Checklists

  • Invoice email to be sent to customer in PDF format.

  • Zatca enhancements.

  • More Omni-channel abilities.

  • PWA offline App.

🤩 Message to Shopdesk Users 🤩:

Our goal is to make your workday smoother and more efficient. With these enhancements, we are focused on refining your experience, ensuring that your tasks are easier and more streamlined within Shopdesk.

Thank you for choosing Shopdesk for your business needs. Here's to a more seamless and productive workday for you and your team! 🚀

Happy New Year!

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