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Release Notes - April 2023

We had a very lucrative month of April in terms of release some exciting new features, a few in development will also be releasing very soon!

1. New BI Dashboard -

Shopdesk now has a brand new state of the art Analytical Dashboard showing new graphs and data across multiple outlets, Most products sold table and Sales person Data. We can also select our custom date range now to pull our desired analytics.

Please see screen shots 1.1 - 1.3




2. Locking SKU Length -

Shopdesk now has a new feature where we are able to Lock the SKU length of the products on Shopdesk. You can set a certain length and the SKU of your products will not be able to go beyond that figure set.
Please see screenshot 2.1 below.


3. Bulk Tax Update -
You ask, and we deliver!

Shopdesk now update the Tax % of products by bulk and we can set multiple tax rate for different products across different locations.

Please see Screenshot 3.1 below.


4. Inventory loss report -

We can now mark Stock adjustments as Pilferage and we can also mark un received stock from STRs as Lost in Transit.
The Above marked stock can be fetched with a custom date range and pulled via a brand new report called “Inventory Loss Report”.

Please see screenshot 4.1 Below.


5. Column totals on Sales Summary & Inventory dump report -

Our Inventory dump and Sales summary reports now have Column totals available on the UI in the form of tiles.
Please see screenshot 5.1 below.


Milestones - Checklists

  • New Register UI.

  • Barcode Template Builder & Bulk printing.

  • Centralised and Bulk Processing of STRs.

  • Revamped Advance feature.

  • Category locking Ability.

  • Product / Invoice level Discounts configurations.

  • Discount Ceiling Setup.

Note: This is the tentative due date for the above-mentioned Features, a minor delay can be faced, but these/this are/is the only feature/features that can be expected to go Live in the coming week.

Please stay tuned for some really exciting new features coming soon next month!!!

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