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Release Notes - April 2023

Release notes - OE - April 2023

Returns Management Functionality

Returns Management Process was required, so that the Merchants can be able to handle post-delivered returns from the customers & their refunds.

Previously, OE caters to those Returned Orders that got refused by the customers (that are not yet delivered), & were returned back to the brand. These orders are then either Rebooked (moved to Courier Booking tab) or Cancelled (moved to Dead Orders tab).

For such orders that will be returned after they were delivered to the customer, will be catered through RMA process.
RMA User manual:

Daraz Integration

We have integrated Daraz as a separate sales channel, allowing merchants to sell their products while remaining on OE. This integration provides a true omnichannel experience and improves sales without jumping to different platforms. The integration includes the ability to:

Get orders from Daraz on OE

Update product inventory on Daraz through OE

Update product price on Daraz through OE

Cancel orders on Daraz through OE

SKUs are not required for the add-ons

[Merchant]s - deal with Add-ons on their products while the app they are currently using does not support different SKUs for multiple Add-Ons. So the resolution was decided that we will make some changes in OE, that OE will generate the SKU and add to the line item, instead of asking the client to make changes to their website.

This has been implemented on XAP Live.

Bin number is added to SKUs

We have added a new column labeled "Bin" to the "Order sheet" and "Picklist", which displays the bin number associated with each SKU. This addition streamlines the packaging and fulfillment processes by improving accuracy and efficiency. The bin number helps warehouse staff quickly locate the products required to fulfill the order, resulting in faster order processing and improved customer satisfaction.

order details


Order Splitting Enhancement (Create fulfilments on Shopify)

We have implemented a new feature for Order Splitting that enables the creation of partial fulfillments on Shopify without the need to split the order. With this new feature, when an order is split in OE, it will generate child orders and mark the parent order as dead in OE. However, on Shopify, the parent order will not be marked as dead by OE and there will be no requirement to create new child orders. Optimizing the process on OE, reduces the time taken for the fulfillment process.

This has been implemented on XAP Live.

Orders manual splitting successfully and main order marked Dead_Via_Split only on OE not on Shopify.

Orders auto splitting successfully and main order marked Dead_Via_Split only on OE not on Shopify.

Any splitter order marked dispatched, Shopify reflects Partially fulfilled status and when all splitter orders are dispatched then it reflects Fulfilled on Shopify.

Proforma invoice and airway bills (For DHL & Fedex)

We have added a new utility to the Reports section, which allows users to download airway bills and Performa invoices of DHL & Fedex. This utility includes a filter function that allows users to filter the results by either the Order Booking date or the Order creation date.


Contegris IVR calls to verify orders on OE

We have integrated a new implementation with our IVR system which allows customers to verify and cancel their orders via Robocalls.

To further enhance the experience, we have also introduced a new feature where a tag is added to the orders when the call is being initiated from OE to the IVR system. These tagged Orders can also be filtered through these tags, this enables merchants to better track the status of orders and ensures that they are able to provide prompt and efficient support to their valued customers.

Milestones - Checklists

  • Logistic Service

  • Partial Order Assigning Optimization

  • RFM Revamp

Note: This is the tentative due date for the above-mentioned Features, a minor delay can be faced, but these/this are/is the only feature/features that can be expected to go Live in the coming week.

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