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Order Scan feature

Orders Scan Feature in Pending Dispatch Tab

1-    Open the Pending Dispatched Tab and locate the Scan button.

2-    To enable scanning mode, click on the Scan button:

  • If the Scan button is already active, scan the order ID barcode once.

  • If the Scan button is inactive, scan the order ID barcode twice.(scan button will be auto-activated)

3-    After scanning the Order ID barcode, the order details will be displayed on the screen.

4-    Proceed to scan the barcodes of all the SKUs. Each successful scan will be indicated by a green mark, and the attribute "QA Scan: Auto" will be appended to each line item.

5-    Alternatively, you can click on "Add Manual Tag," which will add the attribute "QA Scan: Manual" under each line item.

6-    If you have multiple identical SKUs, you need to scan each of them separately, according to the number of SKUs.

7-    Once all SKUs have been scanned, either manually or using a scanner, click on the "Save tag" button at the bottom of the page.

8-    Now, open the Order History, where you will find a comprehensive log of all actions performed on that order, along with the associated user ID.

9-    To view the QA_SCANNED tag, expand the Order Tag accordion.

10- In case you scanned all SKUs but forgot to click the "Save tag" button and directly clicked on the Dispatch button, the order will be moved to the Dispatched Order tab, and the scanning activity will be automatically saved.



11- The Dispatched Order tab will display all relevant information, including the Order History and Order Tag accordion, just like in the Pending Dispatch tab.


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