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How to add SKU to existing order / How to merge orders ?

Consider you want merge two orders (say) Order#A and Order#B. For this you can add the SKUs of Order#A to Order#B and then cancel the Order#A later. You can add the SKUs of one order into second order by following these steps :

  1. Consider order ID XX-7359, it has one SKU and total price of order is Rs#300

  2. In order to add new SKU to this order you have to move this order to Awaiting Assigning tab.

  3. In awaiting assigning tab click on order and scroll down here you need to select Add New SKU / Item.

  1. You then have to enter following details for new SKU :


5. You can also check the checkbox “Want to update on sales channel as well?“ to make the changes on sales channel as well.

  1. Click on Submit

  1. You can see that New SKU is added n to same order ID and order price is also updated

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