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Release Notes - July 2023

We are excited to unveil the latest updates for XPay, bringing significant improvements to transaction details and role management functionalities. With our unwavering commitment to delivering a seamless and secure payment experience, we have worked tirelessly to enhance the way merchants interact with our platform. In this release, we introduce comprehensive transaction insights, offering merchants a deeper understanding of their customers' payment journeys. Additionally, we have expanded our role management capabilities, allowing merchants to exercise greater control over administrative permissions. With these new features, XPay continues to evolve as the preferred payment app for businesses of all sizes. Let's explore the details of these substantial updates below.

  1. Enhancements in Transaction Details

In this release, we have focused on providing merchants with more comprehensive insights into customer transactions, ensuring they have a clearer understanding of each payment's journey. Now, when viewing transaction details, merchants can access more comprehensive information about each payment. We understand the importance of transparency and insight, which is why we have introduced the following additions:

Card Details Display:
Merchants can now view the card details associated with each transaction. This information includes the card type (e.g., Visa, Mastercard, etc.), the last four digits of the card number and card version. This enables merchants to easily identify and verify the payment method used by the customer.

Transaction Timeline:
We have introduced a timeline of the transaction that provides a chronological overview of the payment process. Merchants can now track the entire journey of a customer's transaction, from the initial payment attempt to its final status.

  1. Role Management

We are thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to XPay's role management system. With this update, merchants now have greater control over user permissions, enabling them to tailor access rights for their administrative staff. This added flexibility ensures that sensitive operations, such as transaction refunds, are handled with precision and security.
Merchants can now define different types of administrative roles for their staff. Each role comes with specific permissions that can be assigned or revoked based on the merchant's requirements. Users assigned the "Admin" role will have unrestricted access to all features and functionalities within XPay. This includes the ability to process refunds, view sensitive transaction details, manage user accounts, and all other settings on XPay. The "Restricted Admin" role is designed for users who need limited access to certain functions within XPay. Specifically, "Restricted Admins" will not have the authority to initiate transaction refunds. This added layer of control ensures that critical refund operations are confined to trusted personnel, reducing the risk of unauthorized refunds and potential misuse. "User" will be able to view the admin portal and access essential information, but they will not have the ability to make any changes. This feature is designed to streamline workflows and ensure that the right level of access is granted to each team member.

As your trusted payment partner, we are committed to continually improving XPay to meet your evolving requirements. If you have any questions or feedback about any aspect of XPay, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We value your input and strive to make XPay the best payment app for your business.

Milestones - Checklists

  • XPay Shopify public app

  • Self service onboarding from WhatsApp

  • Tokenization

  • 2 Checkout integration

Note: This is the tentative due date for the above-mentioned Features, a minor delay can be faced, but these/this are/is the only feature/features that can be expected to go Live in the coming month.

Please stay tuned for some really exciting new features coming soon next month!

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