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Release Notes - January 2023

Feature : Ability to export transaction details with filters applied

Introducing a new feature in the payment app, you can now export transaction details in either CSV or Excel format with the ability to apply filters based on Order ID, Email, Transaction ID and Time Duration.

With this new feature, you can easily download and save a record of all your transactions and sort them based on specific criteria. This feature is particularly useful for generating reports, analyzing data, and keeping track of payments.

To use this feature, simply go to the Transactions tab and click on the "Export" button. You'll be able to choose the format you prefer and apply any filters as needed.

We hope this new feature will enhance your experience using the payment app and make it easier for you to manage your transactions.

Feature : Separate expiry time duration for custom payment & regular orders

Introducing another exciting feature in the payment app, you can now set different expiry time duration for regular orders and custom payment orders.

With this new feature, you can now specify the time frame in which regular orders will automatically be marked as expired and custom payment orders can have a separate time frame, providing more flexibility and control over your transactions.

To use this feature, go to the app's settings and look for the "Expiry Duration" option. Here, you can set separate durations for regular and custom payment orders.

We hope this new feature will help you better manage your transactions and ensure that you stay on top of any expired payments.

Payment page UI Revamp:

The payment page has been redesigned with faster loading speed to provide a smoother user experience.

- Added card holder name field

- Added a cancel button for easy cancellation of payment

XPay Dashboard & Transactions screens revamp:

We are excited to announce the latest version of our Payment App with a brand new look! We have revamped the dashboard and transaction screen to make it even easier for you to manage your payments.

  • Redesigned dashboard with a clean and intuitive layout

  • Improved transaction screen for quick and easy payment management

  • Added date filter to help you easily find and view specific transactions

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