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Release Notes - August 2023

We are thrilled to introduce the latest updates to XPay. This release primarily focuses on enhancing the idempotency of XPay APIs, along with improved transparency and debugging capabilities in Payment Intents.

  1. Idempotency for XPay APIs - Unwavering Reliability:

    We've implemented robust idempotency mechanisms for XPay APIs. This means that even if a request is sent multiple times, the system will process it exactly once. This crucial improvement ensures that duplicate requests will not lead to unintended consequences, providing an even more robust and dependable payment process.

  2. Enhanced Transparency in Payment Intents

    Within Payment Intents, we've seamlessly integrated comprehensive logs that provide a crystal-clear view of your transaction's journey. These logs contain intricate details, including timestamps, status updates, and any relevant event information. This helps users to track the progression of a payment from initiation to completion. In case of any errors or unexpected behavior during the payment process, the logs will capture this information. This enhancement empowers you with unparalleled insights, making debugging and troubleshooting a breeze and offering an added layer of transparency in your interactions with the payment gateway.

We value your feedback! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further enhancements, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Milestones - Checklists

  • XPay Shopify public app

  • Multiple stores on one XPay account

Note: This is the tentative due date for the above-mentioned Features, a minor delay can be faced, but these/this are/is the only feature/features that can be expected to go Live in the coming month.

Please stay tuned for some really exciting new features coming soon next month!

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