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XPay provides you with instant online and offline payment solutions through its partnerships with payment service providers. You do not have to go to different service providers to get these solutions as XPay provides you with all the solutions under one umbrella while offering a lower processing fee than the market and bringing down your onboarding time drastically.

The payments solutions offered by XPay include  

  1. Online B2C card payments

  2. Online B2C buy now pay later payments

  3. Offline B2C point of sales payments

  4. Offline B2B vendor payments

Solution Features

One solution provider for all channels

Through XPay, you get all offline and online payment solutions from one solution provider and do not have to spend time and money integrating different solutions from different service providers.

Seamless end-customer Experience

Provide a seamless payment experience to your customers with XPay. XPay employs secure methods like tokenization that make your customer journey shorter and smoother.

Quick Onboarding

With XPay, your onboarding experience is seamless and swift because we have reduced drastically the number of steps that you need to go through with the traditional payment service providers to get a payment solution. 

Fewer Documentation Needs

With XPay, you do not have to engage in a plethora of documentation that is required by traditional payment service providers.

Lower payment processing fees

It does not matter whether you are an enterprise or a small or a mid-market retailer. With XPay, you get lower payment processing rates than traditional payment solutions providers in the market.

No Integration fee

Unlike other payment services, XPay does not require huge integration fees for payment solutions. 


Security is always an issue in such payment solutions. XPay is a PCI-DSS-compliant entity that provides you with a secure platform to process your payments. Our advanced fraud detection technology detects dubious transactions and alerts you to take appropriate action.

Currently, XPay is providing integrations with

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