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How to add Bin Discounts

  1. How to add bin discounts:

  • Go to the settings tab

  • Click on bin discounts

  • Click on Add bin

  • Click on configuration type (Manually or through file)

  • Enter bin number

  • Select the discount type ( percentage or value)

  • Add value percentage and discount limit

  • Click on add at the end


2. Merchant (Admin Panel Configurations)

  • A merchant will go to the settings and switch to the ‘BIN Discount’ tab

  • Merchants will enter the BIN, Discount Percentage, and Max Discount Value

  • Metadata against that BIN will show up after the merchant adds the above values e.g bank name, logo, etc

3. Merchant’s Store (Checkout Experience)

  • A user checkouts to the Xpay page after completing the order

  • When the user enters the first 4-5 digits of their credit/debit card, Xpay checks if there’s some discount configured by the merchant against that BIN and applies it to the order

  • If the discount is applied, the total amount of the order will be updated with discount details on the Xpay checkout page

  • Order will also be marked as Partially Refunded on the merchant’s store as per the given discount

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