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Release Notes - February 2024

Introducing Shipstak - Your Ultimate Shipping Management Solution!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Shipstak, our latest Shopify app designed to streamline your shipping processes and elevate your customer experience. Say goodbye to manual rate management and hello to seamless efficiency with Shipstak!

Key Features:

📦 Streamlined Shipping Management: Upload a single CSV file and effortlessly manage your shipping rates.

Automatic Fee Calculation: Shipstak automatically calculates precise shipping fees based on weight and quantity, saving you time and effort.

📊 Transparent Shipping Information: Enhance customer experience with clear and transparent shipping details at checkout, improving trust and satisfaction.

🎁 Free Shipping: Offer free shipping to your customers based on specific criteria such as order value increasing conversions and customer satisfaction.

Don't Miss Out!

Join us in revolutionizing your shipping processes with Shipstak. Try it today and discover the future of shipping management!

🚚💨 Try Shipstak now

Thank you for choosing Shipstak!

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