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Release Notes - November 2023

We're thrilled to unveil Shopcast’s new feature, a milestone release that brings an exciting and intelligent addition to enhance your customers' shopping experience. Say hello to the all-new "Similar Products" Slider, powered by advanced machine learning (ML).

1. Introducing a new Slider

Shopcast now leverages the capabilities of content-based filtering through a cutting-edge ML model to introduce the "Similar Products" Slider. This feature revolutionizes how customers discover products by analyzing colour, description, and collection attributes. The ML model intelligently curates a selection of products that closely align with the customer's search, preferences, and browsing history.

How It Works:

  • Colour Analysis: The ML model identifies colour from the product’s feed, offering suggestions that match or complement the customer's preferred hues.

  • Description Matching: By understanding product descriptions, the ML model refines recommendations based on textual attributes, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

  • Collection Alignment: Products within the same collection share common attributes. The ML model considers this when suggesting similar products, providing a cohesive shopping experience.


  • Increased Relevance: The "Similar Products" Slider enhances product recommendations, increasing the likelihood of customers finding items that precisely meet their preferences.

  • Personalized Shopping: Tailored suggestions based on individual preferences create a more personalized and engaging shopping journey.

  • Boosted Conversion Rates: By showcasing highly relevant products, Shopcast aims to boost conversion rates and maximize the potential for successful transactions.

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