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Release Notes - December 2023

Automated Email Notifications

In this latest release, we're excited to enhance your user experience. Now, upon installing and uninstalling Shopcast: Product Recommender, you will receive an automated email notification to keep you informed and provide valuable insights.

  • Installation Email Notification: Receive a confirmation email upon successful installation, outlining key details and a how-to article

  • Uninstallation Email Notification: When uninstalling Shopcast: Product Recommender, you'll receive a notification summarizing the process and feedback form.

Shopify apps’s Knowledge Base

We have added Knowledge base documents and have made significant improvements to user support and accessibility.

Introduction, How-To Articles, and Release Notes:

  • Explore our new Knowledge Base on our XStak’s website, where you can find detailed documentation covering the introduction to Shopcast: Product Recommender, comprehensive How-To articles, and the latest Release Notes.

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