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How to Onboard a New Product

Please find the video's instructions how to upload a products in Bulk in Shopdesk.

Please find documented instructions below the video .

Steps for adding a single product.

  1. Click on the Product from the sidebar.

  2. Click on Product view

  3. Select the Add Product option.

  1. Fill in all the mandatory fields like Product Name, Product Description, Tax, Category, Sale price, and Supplier.

  2. Select β€œRetail price inclusive of taxβ€œ if tax is included in the price.

  1. Upload a Product Image if needed and click on the Upload button.

  2. Add Attributes of the product if needed.

  1. By clicking on Inventory Tracking On/OFF button, you can track the inventory of the product in all the outlets.


For adding multiple products

  1. Click on Product from the sidebar.

  2. Click on the More (drop down) at the right top corner.

  3. Select the Upload Bulk option.

  1. Download the template file.

  2. Fill in all the mandatory details for the products in the downloaded CSV file.

  3. Click on the β€œClick to Upload” button and select the file that was filled.

  4. Click on the Upload button to onboard products in bulk.


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