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How to invoice an online order:

Steps for fetching Ecommerce Orders.

  1. Click on Ecommerce from the sidebar.

  2. Select the Orders option.

  1. Enter the date for which you want to fetch the order by selecting filter

  1. By clicking on All Orders you will get the details of all e-commerce orders.

  2. By clicking on Pending Order you will get the details of the pending order(not yet invoiced)

  1. By clicking on Complete Orders you will get details of Completed Orders.

  1. By clicking on Returned Order you will get the details about the orders that are returned

  2. Search the order and click on the menu button adjacent to the order ID.

  1. Three option will pop up i.e. view, invoice , cancel.

  2. Select the action you want to proceed

  3. In order to Invoice the online sale you have to click on Invoice.

  1. Here you can also see more option like Pickup Order, Delivery Order, Express Shipping, Future Delivery by click on it.


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