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How to delete and print Park sale:

Please find the video's instructions for the process of Printing and marking a park sale as DEAD:

Please find documented instructions below the video .

Steps for print a park sale through Register module.

  1. Click on Register from the sidebar.

  2. Select the Sell option from the dropdown.

  1. Select Products for which you want to punch a sale.

  2. Now mark as park sale from side option.

pic 4-20240206-054315.PNG
  1. Select the Sale History option from the dropdown.

  2. Click on a arrow just under the continues column to print a park sale it will move on sell screen here you can print the park sale invoice by click on pay button (see figure 1.4)

pic 4-20240206-054315.PNG

Figure 1.4

1 .If you want previously park sale just click on the previously park sale.


2. Click on the view .

pic 5-20240206-054921.PNG

3. Just click on print and this will be printed.

pic 6-20240206-055322.PNG

How to mark a park sale as dead sale:

  1. Click on Register from the sidebar then select sell from dropdown.

  2. Click on previously park sales option here.


3. Click on arrow just under the continues option.

pic 8-20240206-061004.PNG
  1. If you don't want to proceed this invoice just click on More and click on dead sale .

  2. In this way invoice will move into the dead sale.


You can also mark park sale as Dead sales through Sale history

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