Steps for Creating a Purchase Order

  1. Click on the Stock Control from the sidebar.

  2. Select on Purchase Order

  3. Click on More (drop down) at the right top corner.

  4. Select the Order Stock option.

  5. Enter Purchase Order Name.

  6. Select the Supplier.

  7. Enter the Delivery Date for which you want to create a Purchase Order.

  8. Click on the Bulk Order button if you want to create Purchase Order for multiple products.

  9. Select the file and Upload it.

  10. For a single product, select the Product.

  11. Enter the Quantity.

  12. Click on the Save button to create the Purchase Order.

Steps for Receiving Purchase Order.

To receive a purchase order it should be first approved by administrator in Administrator tab

  1. Click on the Purchase Order from the sidebar.

  2. Click on the Action button and select the Received option.

  3. Enter the Quantity that is received.

  4. Click on the Mark All Received button if all quantity is received.

  5. Click on the Save button to save the action.