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How to add attributes sets?

In order to add Attribute Set , You must have to define Custom fields/ Custom dropdowns beforehand.

How to add Custom fields/ Custom dropdowns:

  • Click on Products

  • Click on Custom fields/ Custom Dropdowns.


Note: you can delete any Custom fields/Custom Dropdowns by clicking on Delete

  • Click on Add New

  • Select whether you want to add an “Input field“ or a “Dropdown“

  • In input field you will have single value while in dropdown we have multiple values.


Steps for Editing a Custom fields/ Custom dropdowns:

  1. Click on Custom fields/ Custom dropdowns from the sidebar.

  2. Click on the Edit button for which you want to edit the Custom fields/ Custom dropdowns

  3. Click on the save button to save the change.


How to add Attributes Set:

  • Once Custom fields/ dropdown is created , click on Attributes Set under Products

  • Click on Add New.

  • Enter a name for your attribute set

  • Select Attributes dropdowns and choose whether it is mandatory, primary or secondary

  • Click on Add

  • Your attribute set is created

  • Steps for Editing a Attributes Set:

  • Click on Attributes Set from the sidebar

  • Click on the Edit button for which you want to edit the Attributes Set.

  • Click on add button to Edit the attribute set .


Note: you can Delete any Attributes Set by clicking on Delete

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