Shopcast Homepage

Once the Shopcast app is active on your store, you can View Category Filter and Pricing Configuration in your app.

Shopcast app
In order to use Shopcast, user must enable the app and save settings. Once the Shopcast button is enabled, user can view Category filter and Pricing Configuration option.

Category Filter
A category filter allows users to sort and filter products based on specific categories/Collection. Category filter help users save time and effort by quickly narrowing down their search results and finding the products that best match their preferences. They also improve the user experience by providing a more personalized and targeted shopping experience.

Pricing Configuration
It allows users to customize the pricing for products with specific tags. The user can set different pricing and those prices will be reflected in the recommendation carousel for all products with that tag.

For example, let's say a user has an online store that sells clothing. They may have a tag for "sweaters", and they want to offer a discount on all sweaters to incentivize customers to buy them. With the Pricing Configuration feature, the user can add a custom pricing tier for the "sweaters" tag, and the discounted price will be displayed in the recommendation carousel for all sweater products.

This feature can be useful for brands that want to offer discounts or special pricing for certain products or product categories. It can help increase sales and customer loyalty by providing customers with a more personalized and tailored shopping experience.


Once the app is installed, it will prompt to the Homepage where the user can enable the app. The app supports Shopify 1.0 and Shopify 2.0. For Shopify 1.0 you’ll need to select display options of the recommendation carousel. For Shopify 2.0, the app will automatically update the locations once it’s enabled for the store.

For the new first activation the app will take 5-10 minutes to sync the products. This can vary depending on the number of products in the store.

Once the app is enable and settings are saved, go to Online Store → Theme Customize

Go to app embeds → Enable Shopcast button

By clicking the Shopcast dropdown. List of recommendation carousel will be available with their settings for the storefront. Shopcast provides 3 types of Recommendations that is User Based, Top Rated and Item to Item.

Recommendation Carousel

  1. Item to Item
    Item-to-item recommendation is a type of recommendation system that suggests items based on the similarity between items rather than the similarity between users. In this type of recommendation, the system identifies items that are similar to the items that a user has previously shown interest in, and recommends those similar items to the user.

  2. User to Item
    User-to-item recommendation is a model used in recommendation engines to suggest products or items to a user based on their past behavior or preferences. Based on this model, the recommendation engine can then suggest new items to the user that are likely to be of interest to them. This is done by comparing the user's preferences to the characteristics of the items and selecting those that best match the user's profile.

  3. Top rated
    In this model, items are ranked based on their overall rating or review score, with the highest-rated items appearing at the top of the list. The top-rated ranking system can be a useful tool for helping users quickly identify high-quality items and make informed purchasing decisions.