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Release Notes - August 2022

Release notes - Omni Retain LMS - Sprint 16- Version 2.2.6 - 5th August 2022


Disable and Enabled Rule indication in a Promotion.

  • Previously there was no indication in promotion to check how many rules are enable or disable at any point in time.

  • You can now visit the promotion listing to check how many rules with in a promotion are disable or enabled

  • You can also visit the promotion detail to check how many rules with in a promotion are disable or enabled.



Activity/Change Log Addition : Enrollment Logs

Every Time a member is enrolled an activity/change log will be created to keep track of the member enrollment.

FIX: Blank Points Management Screen for Shopify Customer.


After Creating a new company with Omniretain Shopify Customer were facing issues while trying browse Points Management Screen.


Now you can visit the Points Management Screen and use the different points types to set different points expiration to keep your customers transacting.

FIX: Points Transfer

Now with latest performance fix you can transfer points from one customer to another customer even faster.

Go to Points → Transfer Points → Add Senders Loyalty Id → Add Reciever Loyalty Id → Select Type of Points to transfer→ Enter Number of Points to transfer → Select a Reason Code →

FIX: Auto Reward Generation

Due to a technical lag, rewards were not being generated for the members who’s status was recently changed from Banked → Auto. This has been fixed.

Auto Redemption helps the customer to automatically generate rewards once they reach a certain points threshold and keep them redeeming their points. To change the status from admin panel. Go to Member Management→ View a Member Details→ Click on Points & Rewards→ Change Banked to Auto by clicking on pencil button


Token Expiration Updated

Previously user had to log in again into their account after token expiration. Now Login experience has been enhanced and user can enjoy uninterrupted session on Omniretain

Now admin panel user will have a better experience using page linkage with new Breadcrums.

Point Transfer through Profile_id

Customer can now transfer point from one member to another even faster. With new Profile_id Implementation Points will be transferred more efficiently.

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