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Release Notes - November 2022

Release notes - Omni Retain LMS - Version 2.5.12 - 4th Nov, 2022


Feature : Multi-Region and Multi-Currency Program

Retail market is growing globally. Your business is growing exponentially as well. But you can use same cash back and redemption ratio for all the regions. For this, Omniretain introduces a robust feature to run multi-region program with multiple currency.

Now if you customer is shopping in Pakistan they get points according to order value in PKR and if they are purchasing in US they get point according order value in USD.

Feature : Hierarchy Level Creation with Custom Currency

To introduce new Currency to a loyalty program, you just need to create a new hierarchy level with a rule ’can_use_new_currency'.

For doing this, Go to Hierarchy->Add New Hierarchy Level

Now fill the form with Desired details, and add rule for adding new currency.

Now add the rule and click on submit to start your multi-currency program.

Feature : Adding a New Entity with Custom Currency

After creating a new hierarchy level, you can now start setting up multi-region program using the different currency feature. The Currency field will be optional, If not selected the company default currency will be used.

Set the Earning and Redemption rules according to currency valuation.

When currency is no currency is selected:

Feature : Running Promotions according to specific time zone.

Now you a multi-region loyalty program. Now its time to setup up promotions? But you want to run different promotions according to different time zones? We have got you covered. Now you can use promotion time zone optional field to select a time zone on which the promotion will become active and expired.

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