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Release Notes - May 2022

Release notes - Omni Retain LMS - Sprint 11- Version 0.1.1


Attributes in Promotion module

We can give up to 3 product attribute/custom attribute key value pairs.

  • Custom Attribute 1

  • Custom Attribute 2

  • Custom Attribute 3

And on the Magento or Shopdesk or Shopify desk we can have the frontend configuration ask what attribute to set for CA1 key (say “Material” or “Season”) and then in run time the frontend take the value of this attribute from the product metadata and pass it in CA1’s value.


Promotion can be applied on f/e.


Discount applied on specific item while earning.

Correct points are deducting while reversing item having discount at item level.

Attribute discount is populating in discount API by passing specific conditions set on promotions.

Value type is containing correct info and “AND“ operator is working fine.


Promotions - Future enabled promotions are showing up in Discount API response body.


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