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Sync POS & Sync Web Store

  • Click on the Inventory tab

  • Click on Sync POS

  • Disable the POS sync by clicking on the toggle button

  • Type disable to confirm your action

Sync Web Store

  • Click on Sync Web Store tab under Inventory tab

  • Click in Sync Webstore button

  • This action will compile all inventory in all active locations and update the webstore

  • After this you go to Utilities tab and click on Inventory update status

  • The initial status will be CREATED - It means it is completed on OE

  • Status will then shift to IN PROGRESS

  • After a minute pause the status will be changed to DONE

  • Once job is done you go back to Inventory tab

  • Click on Sync POS

  • Enable the toggle button and type enable to enable the POS sync

Find below the complete video of aforementioned process :

Walkeaze Inventory Sync

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