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Release notes - June 2022

Live Deployments

1. DHL Airways Bill Change

Before in the “From” section was written,



2. Changing BlueEx Service Code

We have three service Codes for BlueEx which are ‘BE’ ‘BG’ ‘And ‘BT’ Default ‘BE’ was used for all brands but now demands ‘BG’ to be used because ‘BG’ contains a parcel weight less than 3kg. They Used this Service code to Process their Orders of less than 3kg.

3. FBR Reconciliation Report Issue Debugging

Bonanza faced discrepancies in FBR Reconciliation Report as the order line items were showing repetition, causing trouble in reconciliation

To do this following changes were made,

  • Fix deployed for New orders.

  • And fixed entries of repetitive SKU’s in Existing orders.

For Instance:

We have three SKUs called ABC, DEF, and GHI with an order number BS-12, OE Should reflect these SKUs’ to BS-12ABC, BS12DEF, and BS-12GHI instead of BS-12ABC.

4. Slots Override

We have introduce special slots for upcoming Eid days so that the orders containing their Eid labeled products will only be able to be booked for these slots.

5. Adding PKR columns as well against the shipping charges and order discount columns, those are showing in dollars.

  • When we download the Dispatch Note file, the Shipping cost & Order Discount was shown as Dollars only but now we have added ShippingCostPKR and OrderDiscountPKR columns also for National users.

6. Need to handle Tax percentage from Magento for MariaB.

MariaB wants to calculate Tax on Item level on the OE side.

  • So this is implemented in Magento and now Magenta is sending 12 or 17 percent tax rates on item level with the attribute Item_tax_rate and this is handled in OE the item_tax_rate coming with the attributes

7. Tookan Courier Integration

  • A new International Courier partner “Tookan” has been Integrated with OE, and the features included in this are Booking, Tracking, cancellation of orders, etc which can be done through OE.

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