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Release Notes - March 2022

Features - Live

Report in Return Orders Tab

A report can be downloaded from Return Orders tab, that shows the orders' information like, remarks attached to the orders, order’s status, order’s dispatched & returned dates etc.

Return Orders Report (1)

Return Orders Report (2)

Coupon Code Utilization Report

A report in Delivered Orders tab, that states the details of the orders that had coupon codes attached to them.

Coupon Code Report (1)

Coupon Code Report (2)

Refund Report

A report in Dead Orders tab, that displays the information of such orders whose payment method was Credit Card, & got cancelled after the amount was paid.

Refund Report (1)

Refund Report (2)

All Locations Wise Report

OE now enables the users to download Picklist, Order List (in Awaiting Approval & in In Picking tab), & Scanning Sheet (in In Picking tab), against all locations of the brand, at once, instead of downloading the required reports against every location individually.

All Locations Wise Report (1)

All Locations Wise Report (2)

Out Of Stock Report

Report available in Awaiting Approval & In Picking tab, which displays the unavailability status of SKUs in every order, along with the address of those locations on which the SKU is available.

Out of Stock Report (1)

Out of Stock Report (2)

Out of Stock Report (3)

FBR Integration

FBR Integration was done & the service was deployed to live for brand, along with the additional functionalities like FBR Reconciliation report, Auto-attachment of Tags in case of FBR service is disabled, FBR invoice number appending in the delivered email in form of QR Code.

FBR Integration (1)

FBR Integration (2)

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