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Release Notes - September 2022

1. OE Live On XStak Admin Portal (XAP)

2. Movex Courier Onboarding Fields on FE

MoveX courier was integrated with OE on request of the brand.
Courier onboarding fields were added on the frontend so that brand is able to onboard the courier accounts on its own.

3. Active Booking Error on Reverted Orders

Brands faced the issue of their orders not getting booked on courier accounts, as the error “Active booking already present for the order”, even though the orders were present in Courier Booking tab, which means they were reverted hence their old booking should’ve been voided.
Fix was deployed to unblock the brands to resume their operations.

4. PostEx Fields Addition on XAP-Live

Upon trying to onboard PostEx in Couriers sub-tab in Brand Settings, the only field that were visible were Courier Name & Suffix, which were insufficient to onboard the courier & book orders on it.
Required fields such as API key, password, service type, to enable brands to onboard PostEx by self service.

5. Orders Processing via File Upload - Pending Orders Tab SHARE WITH CLIENTS

To cater the CC orders & handle them as per their operations, brand’s requirements were met, & the capability to move orders to either Awaiting Assigning tab or to the Dead Orders tab, a file upload option is introduced in Pending Orders tab.

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