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Release Notes - August 2022

1. Quota Wise Limits Flag in Logistics Service & CourierX Fix

XStak’s new Logistics service didn’t have the quota wise limits flag, that caused the couriers integrated in that service to not be utilized in City Booking Rules & Custom Booking Rules with allocated Limits. So, the flag was introduced in the Logistics Service to cater such use cases.
With this, issue with CourierX faced by Bonanza, got resolved.

2. User Identity Management

Customer support tasks of user identity management i.e. making new users, editing current users' access, making custom roles etc. were done for following clients:
- Walkeaze
- Bonanza
- Rang Rasiya
- Raja Sahib

3. Update RWW DHL Booking Rules

Following DHL Booking Rules were updated for Republic Womenswear :

  • UK First unit on 70 USDs and rest will be 40 USD per unit

  • REST OF WORLD: Per Unit 15 USDs

4. Shopify Onboarding Enhancement

Instead of onboarding a brand separately on OE, filling in its credentials, making users, setting up its location, courier, & configuring its basic brand settings, manually, the flow has been created for the retailers to get this whole process automated.
Now retailers will only have to install XStak Shopify App, & XStak’s Onboarding Service will take care of rest of the process for the retailers, as shown in the pictures:







Once the app is installed, and brand name is filled in, Onboarding Service do following things:

  • Creates a brand on OE with the Admin Rights of that user

  • Configures basic Brand Settings of the brand on OE

  • Creates a location for the brand on OE

  • Onboards a courier for the brand on OE

  • Creates queue for Inventory Updation on OE

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