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Release Notes - August 2022

- Quota Wise Limits Flag in Logistics Service & CourierX Fix

XStak’s new Logistics service didn’t have the quota wise limits flag, that caused the couriers integrated in that service to not be utilized in City Booking Rules & Custom Booking Rules with allocated Limits. So, the flag was introduced in the Logistics Service to cater such use cases.
With this, issue with CourierX faced by Bonanza, got resolved.

- User Identity Management

Customer support tasks of user identity management i.e. making new users, editing current users' access, making custom roles etc. were done for following clients:
- Walkeaze
- Bonanza
- Rang Rasiya
- Raja Sahib

- Update RWW DHL Booking Rules

Following DHL Booking Rules were updated for Republic Womenswear :

  • UK First unit on 70 USDs and rest will be 40 USD per unit

  • REST OF WORLD: Per Unit 15 USDs

- Shopify Onboarding Enhancement

Instead of onboarding a brand separately on OE, filling in its credentials, making users, setting up its location, courier, & configuring its basic brand settings, manually, the flow has been created for the retailers to get this whole process automated.
Now retailers will only have to install XStak Shopify App, & XStak’s Onboarding Service will take care of rest of the process for the retailers, as shown in the pictures:







Once the app is installed, and brand name is filled in, Onboarding Service do following things:

  • Creates a brand on OE with the Admin Rights of that user

  • Configures basic Brand Settings of the brand on OE

  • Creates a location for the brand on OE

  • Onboards a courier for the brand on OE

  • Creates queue for Inventory Updation on OE

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