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Release Notes - July 2022

1. FBR Enhancement: Change In Order Date To Be Sent To FBR and FBR Token

  • The date for the orders being sent to FBR changed from Order_Placement_Date to FBR_Pushed_Date, which means,
    If an order is placed on 20th June, but got delivered/pushed to FBR on 2nd July, the date that will appear in the “DateTime” column on the FBR Portal, would be 2nd July

    FBR Export of the orders placed on 15th July, but pushed to FBR on 18th July.

2. Courier X Integration

  • New courier partner Courier X has been integrated with OE for the retailers to utilize it.

3. FBR Order Items Data Update for ShopDesk

  • Exclusive of tax item handled for ShopDesk.

4. POS Monitoring - Status Update API for Orders & Re-sync

  • In POS monitoring service an endpoint was created to order status to check if its created successfully on adapter or not.

5. Re-Punch Order in POS Manually

  • Capability on frontend where an order can be re-punched into the Walkeaze’s POS manually.

6. Dual Quantity Check Fix

  • If orders were in Awaiting Approval tab (assigned on a location), & the inventory of that location was updated/disturbed, the previous inventory of already assigned SKUs got disturbed & they got stuck in Awaiting Approval tab until their inventory is updated again, even if the Dual Quantity Check is TOGGLED OFF.
    That is resolved now.

7. Duplicate Order Statuses in Order History Fix

  • When a customer cancels the order, & its transaction is voided as a result, the status “Cancelled” in Order History was getting recorded twice, instead of getting only once, causing problems in reverting that Dead Order.
    This is resolved now.

8. DHL Changes: RWW, Maria B, ZSJ

  • Changes in DHL Description, DHL Reference Number & DHL Export Rules, requested by brands.

9. Smartlane Integration

Courier aggregator Smartlane has been integrated with OE, as a new 3rd Party Logistics Partner, for the retailers to utilize, & escape the hassle of onboarding & managing multiple couriers for their operations.

10. Courier X Integration

New 3rd Party Logistics partner Courier X has been integrated with OE, for the retailers to utilize it.

11. Daraz Integration has been integrated with OE as a sales channel. Retailers will now be able to utilize Daraz as another sales channel in addition to already available Shopify & Magento, & sell their inventory by either managing it separately or by Centralized Inventory functionality.

12. WooCommerce Integration

OE now supports WooCommerce/WordPress based webstores too in addition to already available Shopify & Magento. Retailers with WooCommerce based webstore can now have their admin panel integrate with OE & enjoy seamless distributed order and inventory management.

13. POS Forced Retry

A fix in Forced Retry option was made for TechnoSys adapter. Retry POS now works regardless of the statuses mentioned in configs.

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