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Release Notes - October 2023

Release Notes - OE - October 2023

1. New Couriers/3PL integrations:

a) Skynet Integration

We've recently integrated the international courier service "SKYNET" into our system, expanding our shipping options. Additionally, as part of this integration, we've made some enhancements, including the generation of tracking links for international shipments in the confirmation emails.

b) BlueEx API version 3 Integration(Upgraded)

We’ve integrated BlueEx API version 3. This enhancement will optimize your logistics operations, ensuring faster and more reliable deliveries for your customers. With improved tracking and streamlined processes.

2. Introducing Prepaid Payment Options for COD Orders

This new feature aimed at enhancing the payment experience for your customers. With our latest update, merchants can now add prepaid amounts to Cash on Delivery (COD) orders before delivery, allowing for seamless adjustments to the original COD amount.

3. Enhanced Tracking with Hotlink Integration

Implemented a hotlink feature for tracking. This upgrade allows for instant access to real-time tracking information with a simple click. We're committed to continually improving your tracking experience for greater convenience and efficiency.

4. Streamlined User Experience: Introducing Searchable Dropdowns System-Wide

We have implemented a system-wide upgrade, enabling searchable dropdowns system-wide. This enhancement allows for improved efficiency and ease of use, empowering users to swiftly locate and select options within the system. With this update, we aim to streamline your experience and optimize workflow processes.

5. Show Shipping Area in Customers Details

Shipping area in the customer details section of orders. This feature now allows for the convenient editing of the shipping area, providing you with more control and flexibility in managing orders.

6. Override Shipping City in Customer Details

Implement an override feature for the shipping city in customer details. Previously limited to a dropdown selection, this update now empowers merchants to manually input the shipping city, providing greater flexibility and customization in managing orders.



7. Introducing Bulk Pre-Booking & Courier AWB Slips Download

Introducing a new feature that allows you to download pre-booking & courier AWB slips in bulk directly from various tabs, including
- Awaiting Approval,
- Courier Processing,
- Pending Dispatch,
- Dispatch, and Deliver.
This enhancement aims to streamline your packaging processes and improve overall efficiency, enabling you to manage pre-booking tasks seamlessly from the user interface.

OE Slip

Courier AWB

8. Payment Method for Fully Paid Orders Using Coupon Codes

Upgrade of the Shopify payment method, enabling the use of "Prepaid-Coupon Code" for fully paid orders. With this implementation, orders paid in full using coupon codes will now be processed as "Prepaid via coupon" instead of Cash on Delivery (COD), enhancing the overall payment experience.
This will help merchants to categories Prepaid and COD orders

By enabling the use of "Prepaid-Coupon Code" for fully paid orders, merchants will be able to clearly distinguish between orders that have been prepaid using coupon codes and those that are processed as Cash on Delivery (COD). This categorization will provide a clearer overview of the payment types used for various orders, facilitating better tracking and management of transactions.

9. SKU Flexibility: Support for Forward Slash '/' in SKUs

Implemented an update enabling the use of forward slashes '/' in SKUs. Previously, our system did not allow SKUs containing forward slashes to be created in OE or updated on the sales channel.

With this enhancement, merchants can now create and manage SKUs with forward slashes, providing greater flexibility in your product management.

SKU uploaded with Slash

SKU search

Order Transition

10. Introducing New Booking Rule: Shipping Country With Payment Method

We’ve implemented a new auto book rule that allows merchants to create rules based on shipping country and specific payment methods. This enhanced capability provides merchants with more customized control over bookings, allowing them to define specific criteria based on the shipping country and preferred mode of payment.

Milestones - Checklists

  • SKU Search Enhancement

  • Duplicate Orders Functionality Enhancement

  • RMA Enhancements

We appreciate your continued support and value your feedback as we strive to refine and improve our product OE and services. We encourage you to reach out to our dedicated support team with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

Thank you for choosing XStak as your trusted partner. We hope you find this month's release notes informative and inspiring. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!

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