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Release Notes - January 2024

Release Notes - OE - January 2024

Welcome to the XStak’s Monthly (January 2024) Release Notes! We're excited to share with you the latest updates and enhancements to our product and services. This comprehensive overview will provide you with valuable insights into the new features and improvements we've implemented over the past month.

1. Unified Auto Splitting with Auto Assigning Criteria

Introducing "location priorities for splitting orders" within Auto Assigning Rules. Previously, only minimum split orders were considered during auto-splitting. Now, the system incorporates Auto Assigning L1 and L2 rules for a more comprehensive approach similar to assigning.


Key Features and Criteria:

  1. Consistent Rule Application:

    • Ensures uniform application of assigning rules during order splitting.

  2. Efficient Processing:

    • Streamlines order fulfillment, saving time and resources.

  3. Reduced Manual Intervention:

    • Minimizes errors by minimizing manual involvement.

  4. Improved Customer Experience:

    • Enhances customer satisfaction with a smoother process.

  5. Adaptable Handling:

    • Accommodates diverse scenarios while adhering to rules.

  6. Process Optimization:

    • Optimizes overall order management for enhanced agility.

In summary, automated order splitting optimizes efficiency, ensuring a smooth and adaptable order management process.

2. Optimized TCS Courier APIs: Improved Processes

We are pleased to announce enhancements to our TCS courier APIs, focusing on refining tracking and cancellation functionalities.


Key Updates:

Seamless Order Booking and Cancellation: Orders booked on TCS can now be effortlessly canceled with enhanced functionality, providing a smoother experience for users. This improvement has been thoroughly tested on the STAGE environment to ensure reliability.

Reliable Tracking Mechanism: The tracking feature for TCS orders has been fine-tuned to provide accurate and up-to-date information.

We are confident that these enhancements will contribute to a more efficient and reliable experience for users utilizing TCS courier services. Explore these optimized features today to streamline your order tracking and cancellation processes.

3. Enhanced Functionality: Reverting Orders Now Possible from Dispatch Tab

Introducing a valuable enhancement to our system. Orders can now be effortlessly reverted directly from the Dispatched tab.

This improvement provides users with greater flexibility and control, allowing for seamless order management directly within the Dispatched tab. Explore this enhanced feature to streamline your order reverting process efficiently.


4. Optimizing User Experience: Unified Print & Download Functionality across Tabs

Announcing a significant enhancement in our system with the latest update. In response to user feedback and to streamline your experience, we have merged the Print and Download buttons, making them conveniently accessible in each tab across the entire system.

i) Unified Print & Download Functionality:

Previously, for printing and downloading packaging slips, there were separate buttons for download and print, each accompanied by a pop-up. We have now seamlessly combined these functions into a single, user-friendly window. This enhancement enables users to effortlessly download and print packaging slips from the same unified interface, resulting in a more intuitive and efficient experience across all tabs in the system.


ii) Bulk Download Option for Multiple Orders:

We've introduced a highly requested feature that allows users to download slips for multiple orders at once. By selecting the desired orders and utilizing the new "Bulk" button, users can efficiently download OE slips. This not only saves time but also provides added convenience for users managing multiple orders simultaneously.


We believe that these updates will significantly enhance your interactions with our system, offering a more cohesive and user-centric experience.

5. Simplified Return Processes: Zero COD Amount for All Return Orders

The latest development in our system for return orders specifically addresses the handling of COD amounts. In our ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and streamline processes, we have implemented a significant improvement:

COD Amount Adjustment for Return Orders:

  • In response to user feedback, we have refined our system to set the COD amount to zero for all return orders. Ensuring a consistent and seamless experience across the board. Now, irrespective of the order type, users will find the COD amount automatically set to zero when processing returns.

We believe that this refinement will simplify your return processes and contribute to a more straightforward and user-friendly experience. As always, your feedback is invaluable, and we remain committed to continuously improving our system to meet your evolving needs.


6. Streamlined Logistics: Generate Mylerz, BlueEx, and FedEx AWBs via OE

A notable enhancement in our system is designed to offer you greater flexibility and convenience in your shipping processes.

  1. Expanded Carrier Options:

    • Our latest update now allows you to generate Mylerz, BlueEx, and FedEx AWB directly from OE.

  2. Simplified Workflow:

    • Enjoy a more streamlined process by creating AWBs for multiple carriers within OE.

  3. Enhanced Convenience:

    • This update adds a layer of convenience, making it easier for you to manage shipping operations efficiently.

7. Enhanced Order File Insights: Introducing Duplicate/Blacklisted/RMA Column

Introducing a recent enhancement in our system. In response to your needs, we have successfully implemented the addition of a "Duplicate/Blacklisted/RMA" column in the order file.

Key Updates:

  1. Enhanced Order File Details:

    • We have successfully incorporated a new "Duplicate/Blacklisted/RMA" column in the order file.

  2. Efficient Information Retrieval:

    • This addition allows you to quickly and easily access critical details, streamlining your order management processes.

  3. Improved Visibility:

    • The new column provides at-a-glance visibility into duplicate, blacklisted, or RMA-related information, enhancing the overall clarity of your order data.

  4. Seamless Experience:

    • We believe this enhancement contributes to a smoother and more intuitive experience within our system.


8. Dual-Language Support Unveiled: Enhancing City Name Filters for a Global Experience

A significant development in our system. In response to your diverse and global needs, we have successfully implemented Dual-Language Support for City Names in Country Filters

  1. Global Accessibility:

    • Our latest update introduces Dual-Language Support for City Names in Country Filters, catering to diverse language preferences.

  2. Enhanced User Experience:

    • Users can now effortlessly filter city names in their preferred language, contributing to a more inclusive and user-friendly interface.

  3. Versatility Across Regions:

    • This addition ensures that our system is adaptable to various language requirements, making it more accessible for users worldwide.

  4. Streamlined Navigation:

    • The implementation of Dual-Language Support simplifies the process of finding and filtering city names, improving overall navigation efficiency.


9. Efficient Order Management: Introducing Order Search by Number and Phone Number Standardization

Announcing the latest developments in our system this month, aimed at improving the user experience and enhancing order management. Here's a summary of the key updates:

  1. Search Orders by Number:

  • Search for orders directly by their numbers, providing a more efficient way to locate and manage specific orders.

  1. Standardization of Customer Phone Numbers:

  • We have successfully implemented the standardization of customer phone numbers, ensuring consistency and accuracy in the way phone numbers are handled within the system.

Key Verification Points:

  1. Edit Shipping Phone Numbers: The system now removes all characters and spaces (except "+") when editing shipping phone numbers with spaces and brackets.

  2. Zero-Starting Phone Numbers: Searches for phone numbers starting with zero are now functioning correctly.

  3. Spaces in Phone Numbers: The addition of spaces in phone numbers now displays as expected on the order details screen.

We believe these enhancements will contribute to a smoother and more user-friendly experience in managing orders.

Milestones - Checklists

  • SKU Search Enhancement

  • RMA Phase-II & Phase-III Enhancements

  • Location Cluster

We appreciate your continued support and value your feedback as we strive to refine and improve our product OE and services. We encourage you to reach out to our dedicated support team with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

Thank you for choosing XStak as your trusted partner. We hope you find this month's release notes informative and inspiring. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!

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