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Release Notes - February 2023

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Release notes - OE - February 2023

Marked Orders as 'Delivered & Paid' on Sales Channels according to Logistics Partners/3PL Delivered status

This update enables third-party logistics (3PL) providers to mark orders as "delivered," which will then be automatically marked as "delivered & paid" on the e-commerce platform. This feature can be customized to mark orders as "delivered" or "paid" or both based on the settings configured. Additionally, this will be applicable regardless of the mode of payment (MOP).

After mark Delivered on OE, Payment Status on SHOPIFY

Order Cancelation Email Should not be sent to Customer for EDITED_VIA_EBM/SKU Replacement statuses

Previously, when an order was updated in "EDITED_VIA_EBM.", the system would automatically send an email to the customer notifying them that their order had been cancelled. However, the system has now been updated to disable the email notification feature for both SR and quantity updates.

The issue has been resolved, and the changes have been deployed to the production system. This means that the updated system is now available to end users, who will no longer receive cancellation emails when their orders are edited using the "EDITED_VIA_EBM" state.

Option to mark order deliver/return via file

An update to the OMS Tabs system that now allows for orders to be delivered or returned using a file. Previously, the only way to return or deliver orders was in bulk through the Dispatch Orders tab. This likely involved manually selecting and processing each order, which could be time-consuming especially for that process a high volume of orders.

With the new update, it is now possible to create a .csv file containing order information and upload it to the system. This allows businesses to return or deliver thousands of orders at once, without the need for manual processing.


Need to replace "PKR" with "EGP " Or with the currency used by the sales channel

“PKR” is the currency being shown for Brand in dashboard , while they want it to be “EGP“ (Egyptian Pound). So we need to replace PKR with EGP. Now EGP is being displayed for the all the metrics in Dashboard instead of PKR.



Synchronous Implementation for Parent/Child order

“Due to some error edited order cannot be created on Shopify with SKUs”. We have encountered an error when attempting to create edited orders on Shopify with SKUs. To prevent similar issues from occurring in the future, we suggest implementing a process where child orders are created first and the parent order is marked as 'dead' using a synchronous implementation method.

Synchronous Implementation for Parent/Child Order has been verified and is working fine for both Manual and Auto Splitting on XAP Dev and Live. Attached Videos Link for Reference:


Alert Emails

An update has been made to the XAP Live, now sends email alerts when a SKU has a zero master quantity. This helps businesses get timely notifications of low stock levels and take quick action to restock or adjust inventory management.

Master Qty on OE


Alert Email


Replace colon(:) by hyphen(-) in child orders

[Insignia] - Replace colon(:) by hyphen(-) in child orders since AX integeration breaks with colon(:). Child Order Replace by “-” has been verified and is working fine on XAP Dev and Live. Child Orders with “-” are also present in Order Dump.

Order Dump

Search Orders by Tracking Number 

A new feature on OE “Search Orders by Tracking Number “ that allows you to search for your orders using a tracking number. This feature will be particularly useful for orders in the following statuses:
-Courier Processing
-Pending Dispatch
-Dispatched orders
-Returned orders
-Delivered orders
-Complete orders

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