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Quantity Update

  • Click on “Select Location” dropdown to choose the desired location on which you want to update the quantity of SKUs.

  • Click on the “Select File” button, browse for the required file, select it, and click “Open”.

  • An “Upload File” button will appear. Click on it and the file will be uploaded and the quantity will be updated on web stores.

Click on “Partial” checkbox before you click on “Upload File” button, if you want to update the quantity of only some SKUs.

Not clicking on “Partial” checkbox while updating the quantity of some SKUs, will affect the quantity of unwanted SKUs too, and will change their quantity to 0.

OE works on replacement function by default, which means that when you upload a file to update quantity, by default OE will just replace the old quantity with the new quantity.
So, in case you want your new quantity to be added to the already listed old quantity on webs store, “Force update” checkbox should be checked before clicking on “Upload File” button.

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