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-Pending Orders

  • Click on Order Management module from sidebar.

  • It shows all the pending orders.

  • You can click on an order and all the details of the order will appear

  • We you scroll down you can see following options:

    • Comments: You can ad any comment for the order

    • Order History: It shows Journey of Order

    • Order Tags : Contains all tags, like OPT, Shipping Free, Deliver after week etc. We can also Edit & Add Tags.

  • Recent Orders: Contains all the previous order status.

  • Duplicate Orders : It shows duplicate orders in the specific time period. Orders are duplicated if following criteria happens:

  1. Same customer information (Email and Phone Number)

  2. Same SKUs.

  3. Order's date and amount.

  • If everything is correct, one can verify the order, the order will move to awaiting assigning.


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