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What is OE?

OE stands for Omni-Channel Engine. It is an Ecommerce ERP on the cloud that streamlines your omni-channel operations. In simple words, it can be described as that OE acts as a middleware between a brand’s webstores/POS and physical inventory.  
OE allows real time inventory and order sync between your webstore and multiple physical locations, with integrations for various POS systems (Retail Pro, Microsoft Dynamics (AX), Candela, Shopdesk etc).
It provides an end to end online order management workflow, from the point of order placement, assigning it to an appropriate offline store, booking it with a courier and tracking its final status.
Through OE, you can eliminate the tedious job of going from portal to portal of courier and payment gateways and collecting data. OE lets you do that in just a couple of clicks.
And we know that for any business to progress and grow, data is essential. For that, OE collects, interprets and visually represents that data. By providing you with sales, inventory and marketing insights, OE ensures that you are ahead of the curve.

OE offers several tabs to cover different facets of Inventory and Order management operations. It provides the users with an easy-to-understand user experience, to efficiently maneuver between the crucial functionalities of the system, to handle the day to day operations. These tabs gives insights to Customer Service reps and Marketing teams to focus on brand’s customer centricity and concentrate on the areas they need improvement in.

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