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How to add Clusters

What is a Cluster?

A cluster is a group of locations that can be assigned to one or more sales channels. This allows users with multiple sales channels to manage inventory more flexibly. When inventory is uploaded to a location, the system calculates the OutFinal based on the inventory within the cluster, rather than all locations. This means the OutFinal value sent to a sales channel only includes the inventory from locations within the assigned cluster.
stepwise instruction to Add cluster:

Step 1 Navigate to the Clusters Section

  • Go to the Utilities tab.

  • A new option named Clusters will be visible.


    Step 2 : Add a New Cluster

  • Click the Add Cluster button to initiate the creation of a new cluster.


    Step 3 Configure the New Cluster

  • Enter the name of the cluster.

  • Specify the location(s) to assign to the cluster.

  • Select the sales channel(s) from your existing channels to assign to the cluster.


Step 4: Example of Cluster Creation

  • For demonstration, we have created a cluster named Cluster Demo.

  • The locations assigned to this cluster are Test-cluster and Test-Clusters.


  • The sales channel assigned is Shopify, with a brand channel ID of 837.


    Step 5: Cluster Overview

  • The graph represents all your clusters, the locations assigned to them, and the connected sales channels.

  • Each sales channel can only be connected to one cluster.


  • For example, after creating Cluster Demo, the Shopify cluster with brand channel ID 837 is no longer visible for assignment.


Step 6: Location Assignment Restrictions

  • Each location can only be assigned to one cluster.

As Test-cluster belongs to Cluster Demo, it cannot be used for another new cluster.


Step 7: Editing Cluster Configurations

  • All configurations can be edited post-creation by clicking the edit icon.


    Step 8: Cluster Diagram Indicators

  • The diagram will represent all locations:

    • Disabled locations are shown in red.

    • Locations with fulfillment off are displayed in orange.


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