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  • Click on Setting module from the sidebar.

  • Click on General from the dropdown.


This module gives a basic overview of the Brand, and the settings it has applied;

  • Brand Name, Short Key, Brand ID can be viewed on this module

  • Content Type, Time Zone, OutFinal Buffer, National Tax Number fields are editable.

  • Toggle Buttons for Auto Order Splitting, Manual Auto Splitting, Dual Quantity Check, Shopify Support, Auto Location Assignment, Auto Booking, Auto Processing settings are provided. Toggling On/Off these buttons affect how the orders will be catered in the Order Management tab.

  • It provides the brand to enter the Tax Percentage to be included in the orders

  • Duplicate Filter (related to Orders) can be enabled/disabled here. Desired time can be set in which OE will check the possibility of Duplicate Orders.


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