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-Dispatched /Returned/Delivered orders

  • One can see all dispatched orders under this tab.

  • Order can be delivered by selecting Deliver, in this case order will move to Delivered orders tab.


How to mark order as complete:

  • From Delivered orders , order can be marked as Complete.

  • Click on order, its detailed appear, scroll down and click on Complete option. it will move to Complete Orders tab.


How to return order from Delivered Tab

  • Order can also be returned by selecting Initialized Return also choose reason of return and Return option , in this case order will be moved to Returned orders tab.


How to Rebooked a order from Return Tab:

Order can also be Rebooked from returned orders tab.

  • Click on order from Return orders tab, detailed well appear ,scroll down click on Revert To option to rebooked the order.


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