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This module gives brand the access to check how many couriers have been integrated with it. It gives the access to enable/disable a courier, edit the information of a courier.

  • To edit an existing courier or to configure a new courier, OE provides following input fields where the courier related information needs to be punched in

    • Courier (the name of the company, e.g. Call Courier, DHL, TCS etc.)

    • Name (Unique Name of the courier needs to be entered. Usually adding the name of the brand within this name makes it unique)

    • Suffix (Could be anything, which makes that individual courier unique e.g. the short key of brand can be added, short key of city names can be added etc.)

    • Login ID and Password fields.

    • Shipper Area code needs to be added

    • The service type, i.e. Overnight, Overland, Detained etc. needs to be provided

    • After a courier is added, a Courier ID is designated to the courier by OE, which also can be viewed on the module‚Äôs main screen.

How to Integrate couriers - Video Instructions :

Integrated Couriers Partners :

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