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Bulk Process Jobs

  • Click on Bulk Process Jobs segment

  • In Bulk Process Jobs segment, the information about all the jobs that have been run in bulk, be it Verifying, Cancelling, Assigning, or Booking is displayed individually. The jobs can be differentiated by Job ID. It tells complete or incomplete Status of the job, the number of orders that have been processed in that job under Job Count column, Email of the person who have run it, and job’s Create Date.

  • In Search By Order ID search box, user can put in an order ID and the required bulk job in which that order was processed will show up

  • All the Order IDs of orders of an individual bulk job can be viewed by clicking on View button under Order IDs column

  • A file comprises of total details of all the orders processed in the bulk job, can be downloaded from the download buttons under Package Slip column.

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